Can I return or exchange a gift?

Please note that orders made on Meta Shops can only be returned for refund or store credit and cannot be exchanged.

We offer gift returns in the form of eGift Cards to use towards the purchase of any item on our website.

We do not provide direct gift exchanges. You will need to return your gift for an eGift Card and use it to purchase another item.

You will need two numbers to begin a gift return:

  1. Order Number, which is listed on your shipping label after "PO" under your address.
  2. Zip Code of the shipping address.

If you cannot find this information, please send us a message, and we can help you out.

Items on sale above a 20% discount are excluded and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Select “Start a gift return” on our return portal:

Start My Gift Return

Jan 17, 2024

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