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    USA and Canada Web Inquiries: email: info@roark.com phone: (855) 913-0203 USA and Canada Dealer Inquiries: email: sales@roarkrevival.com phone: (949) 334-6454 fax: (949) 419-1385 European Inquiries: Pilot Fish Distribution SAS email: contact@pilot-fish.fr phone: +33535463439 Japan Inquiries: P...
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  • How can I opt out of mailings?

    If you would like to be removed from our guidebook mailing, submit your request for removal here
  • How does Roark reduce its environmental footprint?

    Roark is evolving our product assortment through more sustainable and organic fabrics and fair trade labor. This process takes time, but we are seeing a 12% year over year increase in sustainable products within each seasonal line.
  • How do I find my nearest Roark retailer?

    Use our store locator to find your nearest Roark retailer.
  • How long has Roark been around?

    Roark was founded in 2009.
  • What does Roark mean?

    The chase for Roark began out of a desire to tell stories born of adventure and discovery in the form of a man - he’s the shadowy adventurer that disappears into Mexico for six months camping, only to surface in Paris drinking Bordeaux with a diplomat. Each season we find Roark in a different par...
  • What is the Roark logo?

    The Roark logo is our iteration of the “safecamp”, which dates back to the hobo era, in which its marking represented a safe place to camp for the night.